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Butterflies of the World

A lavishly illustrated book covering butterflies of the world, with an extremely informative and readable text written by an expert author who has spent many years observing and studying butterflies around the world. Opening chapters cover the evolution, anatomy, lifecycle, ecology and taxonomy of the world's butterflies. The bulk of the book comprises of chapters providing comprehensive coverage of each of the world's 7 butterfly families, from the spectacular swallowtails, apollos, morphos and birdwings to the satyrs, whites, metalmarks, hairstreaks, skippers and hedylids. The pages are illustrated with hundreds of stunning colour photographs taken by the author in locations around the world.

Butterflies of the World book
1000 Butterflies book
1000 Butterflies

This wonderfully illustrated book is essentially a photographic guide to the butterflies of the world. The 1000 species chosen for inclusion are those most likely to be noticed by the average person, either because they are conspicuously coloured, or because they are particularly common in the part of the world where they occur. Each stunning image shows the butterfly in its natural surroundings, and is accompanied by useful text on identification, interesting features and geographical distribution. "1000 Butterflies" is the perfect companion to the author's first title "Butterflies of the World" with 432 pages, over 1000 colour photographs . GBP 19.95 available from 25th August 2016 from all good bookshops.



The Curious Mysteries Fluttering Within the World of Butterflies

Strange but True : Devious Parasites and Scary Eyes !

Devious parasites ! In Peru, the eggs of Caligo butterflies are parasitised by tiny Trichogrammatid wasps that ride from place to place on the hindwings of the...

Strange But True : From the Weirdest to the Intelligent

Weirdest caterpillar on Earth ? Caterpillars come in some strange shapes, but there can be few creatures more weird-looking than this bizarre Euphobetron moth larva ( Limacodidae...

Strange but true : from Vampire to Carnivorous !

Vampire moths ! Adult moths usually obtain their food from nectar and other sources of proteins and minerals, but there is one species with a...


Immerse yourself into the deep ocean waters


Immerse yourself into the deep ocean waters


the Enigmatic Anatomy of Butterflies: Nature's Delicate Wonders