Copyright & Fees

All photographs are the property of Adrian Hoskins unless otherwise stated, and are protected by Copyright. Reproduction without express written permission is strictly forbidden.

Most of the images on the website are available as hi-res originals suitable for publication in books, magazines or calendars. Please see below for details of fees.


A standard reproduction fee of 60.00 per image is payable for the use of photographs in books or magazines, calendars, posters, leaflets or websites. This is reduced to 50.00 per image if a minimum of 5 images are purchased. Images will be supplied as high resolution unedited copies of the original files, and are made available on the following conditions:

1 – you are purchasing ‘single usage’ reproduction rights.2 – copyright is retained by Adrian Hoskins.


Please contact me for details of how to make payments.


You may provide a link to this website on your website. I only consider reciprocal links to websites that are directly concerned with natural history or conservation.


The text on this website is written by Adrian Hoskins but incorporates much information obtained from scientific papers and books by authors including Andrew Neild, Arjan Basu Roy, Bernard d’Abrera, Bernard Herm�er, Bernaud Dominique, Blanca Huertas, Bob Robbins, Curtis Callaghan, Delano Lewis, Jason Hall, Jean-Marc Gayman, Jeremy Thomas, Jorge Bizzaro, Gerardo Lamas, Hugh Rowell, Keith Willmott, Kevin Tuck, Martin Honey, Martin Warren, Maurizio Bollino, Michael Parsons, Pat Haynes, Phil DeVries, Ronald Brabant, St�phane Attal, Szabolcs Safian, Tomasz Pyrcz, Torben Larsen, and Zsolt Balint. Text must not be reproduced in part or in whole without written consent from myself and where necessary from the above mentioned writers.