Red Pierrot

Scientific Name
Talicada nyseus
GUERIN, 1843
Specie in
Talicada nyseus Mumbai, India - Anand Narkevar
Talicada nyseus Mumbai, India – Anand Narkevar


There are 8 species in the genus Talicada – annamitica, assamica, buruana, clitophon, khasiana, macbethi, metana and nyseus; all of which are Oriental in distribution.

On the upper surface, the wings of Talicada nyseus are black, with a broad orange band on the hindwings that corresponds with the red makings on the underside.

Talicada nyseus is distributed from India and Sri Lanka to Burma, Thailand and South Vietnam.


This is a forest edge species, found at altitudes up to about 2000m, but is most commonly met with in hill forest habitats between 300-800m above sea level.


The caterpillars spend their entire lives living and feeding within blister mines, between the cuticle of leaves of Bryophyllum and Kalanchoe ( Crassulaceae ).

The chrysalis is cream coloured, with rows of black spots along the back and sides, and is covered with short soft bristles. It is suspended by the cremaster from twigs or stems.

Adult behaviour

Males can sometimes be found mud-puddling, but both sexes are more commonly seen perching on low growing foliage. In hazy sunshine or warm overcast conditions they bask with the wings held half open, but hold them erect in full sunshine, or when at rest.

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Scientific Name
Talicada nyseus
GUERIN, 1843

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