Lesser Gull

Scientific Name
Cepora nadina
LUCAS, 1852
Specie in
Cepora nadina wet season form - Adrian Hoskins
Cepora nadina wet season form – Adrian Hoskins


The genus Cepora is closely allied to Appias and comprises of 20 species. The commonest and most widespread species is nerissa which is distributed from India to Bali. The genus is centred on south-east Asia, with the majority of species being found in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

The gorgeous chrome yellow on the underside of nadina is present in both sexes but only in the wet season form of the species. The dry season form is a plainer but still very beautiful creature, with a more greenish-yellow hue.

Cepora nadina occurs in Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, Bhutan, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, south China, West Malaysia, Sumatra, Borneo and the Andaman islands.


This species is found in open areas in primary and secondary forest at altitudes between sea level and about 600m.


The caterpillar feeds on Capparis, and when fully grown is green and covered with small tubercles each of which bears a short white hair.

Adult behaviour

Males are strongly attracted to urine and seepages where they join aggregations of Appias, Eurema and Graphium. If disturbed they invariably settle on nearby foliage but are nervous, so while the Eurema and Graphium tend to return to feed quite quickly, nadina holds back until it senses that any threat of danger has long passed.

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Scientific Name
Cepora nadina
LUCAS, 1852

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